Where My $26,000 Per Week Comes From

A complete breakdown on what each of my side hustles earn me per day.

I first started my first online business over 10 years ago by making dance videos on YouTube.  Since then, I’ve turned side hustles into my full time job.  With hard work, persistence, and lots of failure, I have scaled my once minute streams of income into an online empire that has changed my life forever. 

In this post we will look over my income Monday through Sunday and review each payment with full transparency.  I will explain where each dollar comes from as well as clarify the “how’ of how I make $26,000 per week from side hustles.  

The Numbers

In the first week of June of 2020, I kept track every payment that came in every single day.  Here's how it shook out:

Monday: $7,968

Tuesday: $7,299

Wednesday: $4,275

Thursday: $2,058

Friday: $3,780

Saturday: $251

Sunday: $503

The Breakdown

Ok, I know what you're thinking -- Thanks, Adrian, but those are just numbers on a screen.  

Let's take it step by step and dive into each business model that I use.  I literally have hundreds of little online incomes that add up substantially.  From drop shopping, Amazon FBA, blogging, being a YouTuber, affiliate marketing, Etsy, Fiverr, Udemy, Skillshare, making courses, coaching, and Shopify -- you name it and I’ve probably tried it.  

Now, I will preface this by saying that there are 3 business models that I stay away from.  They are… 

  • MLM’s (multi-level marketing) — too shady
  • Crypto — too risky
  • Day Trading & Forex — too speculative

Maybe one day I’ll get into these markets but for right now, it's not for me.  

Alright, let's get into the good stuff.


Affiliate Marketing

Right now I am an affiliate for over 250 profitable companies.  If you've never heard of affiliate marketing, boy are you in for a treat.  An affiliate is essentially an online commission-based salesperson for different brands and products.  I have a great article, How I Made $33,440 In One Day Online, that gives the full rundown on this process.  

I created a master PayPal account to organize my income, A.K.A my payouts from each company.  As you can see in the screenshot above, I received 430 different payments within the past 60 days.  

It would be impossible to login to each account each day, so last year I hired my dad as my business manager.  His job is to handle the hundreds of relationships, payments, accounts receivable, and deposits that come in on a daily basis.  I am forever grateful for him.

Like I said earlier, I made $7,968 on the first Monday and June from affiliate marketing.  Most companies pay on the first, towards the middle, or near the end of the month.  On June 1st,  24 different brands sent me an average payment of $228 each, which totaled up to $5,473.

This sounds crazy I know -- but let's simplify it a little.  It is fairly easy to find one of these companies that you can promote a physical product for.  You only need to sell $10 of product a day in order to make that $228 by the end of the month.  

So… what companies am I an affiliate for?  Well, I’m not going to share that -- that’s my intellectual property!  There are some brands that I’ve sold so much for, however, that it’s just too hard to hide.  One of those is LadyBoss, whom I’ve sold over 1 million dollars in inventory with.  

Click Funnels

Another large payment that came in on Monday was from ClickFunnels.  ClickFunnels is a software for building websites and landing pages.  They sent $1,504.80 via ACH.  

Brand Deals 

Scoring a brand deal is awesome because usually it is a lump some of payment.  Sometimes brand deals are on a retainer, like my example above.  For this specific deal -- it’s actually a TikTok deal if I’m going to be honest -- they paid me $3,000 to create 10-20 pieces of content for their brand.  This content lives on their channel and not mine.  I get to do something that I enjoy doing and as long as they are happy with the material I make, I get my $3,000 each month.  



Next, let's jump into one the most taboo subjects when it comes to making money online -- courses.   Every day I make a small portion of money (much smaller than my main source of income) from courses.   It is such an avoided topic due to the sheer amount of people who take advantage of prey on the hopes and dreams of others who want to escape the 9-5.  They create these “clickbait” lessons which end up being their main money maker.  

I’ll tell you the truth about the small amount of money that I make from courses; it's actually the most rewarding.  Most of my affiliate income is passive.   Helping and teaching people allows me to connect with other humans.  

Teaching is how I got into my first online business, making dance tutorials on YouTube.   I've seen students who were in middle school when they watched me grow up to be adults and it's really amazing that I get to be part of their story.  

When teaching people about dance, it's really all about confidence.  But when I make tutorials on business advice, it's totally different.  Being in complete control of your income is so empowering and I love it.  

That being said -- yes, I get tons of hate comments.  The great thing about being on YouTube now is that I can go deeper and really explain that yes, I do make money from courses, but my main goal is to keep my course income significantly lower than my main income. 

I like to think of it as coach vs. athlete.  I am 95% athlete -- as in I have hundreds of different business, campaigns, and income streams coming in every day.  Courses make up the other 5% and that’s my opportunity to play coach.   I'm only 31 years old and feel as if I still have the freedom to go out and chase what's available for me in the world. 

Monday to Thursday I work sunup to sundown -- with the exception of the time I set aside for my reading, exercise, and 3 daily “adventures”, if you will.  I try to keep Fridays open so I can have a 3-day weekend.  

One of my favorite parts of being an entrepreneur is having the flexibility to make my income passively.  This allows me to do fun activities in the middle of the day when others are working.   There's usually less of a crowd and prices tend to be lower as well.   I am my own boss; if I want to take a vacation, I can simply pack up and go.  

I do have other sources of income that I did not share in this post simply because I didn’t receive a payment from them in the first week of June.  These include real estate investments, partnerships, and other e-commerce businesses.  But, for the most part, this is what a normal week looks like. 

I want you to understand that this money has come from years of work, expertise, trial, and failure.  I launched my first online business about 10 years ago and have been doing affiliate marketing for around 5, focusing heavily on it for the last three.  While it may seem like money just shows up in my Paypal, it hasn't always been like this.  I have a long history of work that has gotten me to this point.  

Hard work over time guarantees success.  

If you want to check out some of the stories that inspired me to do what I do, follow the link to www.adrianbrambila.com/books.  The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris is a must read.  

Remember:  Start with one campaign, one ad, or one endorsement and run with it.  Making money online is truly easier than you think.  

Peace and God bless.  

I make new content every single week, so be sure to subscribe to my Youtube and follow my Instagram @brambilabong and TikTok at @AdrianBrambila. I also have tons of resources and courses on my website that you won’t want to miss. Head over to www.adrianbrambila.com to learn more about what I do and how I live a financially free life.  

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