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Learn How To Make Money Without Spending Money Online.brambila method

The Brambila Method is an 8 day online business training that teaches you strategies on how to make money online without large capital requirement, investing, or spending money through very creative business models. 

I created this program because I noticed a big problem in the coaching industry for a business model called Affiliate Marketing which I'm commonly referred to as the leading expert on TikTok.

The problem I specifically noticed came from markets most popular training curriculum called Legendary Marketer which cost $7. 

I have never been associated with this program... however, what I noticed happening is that other affiliate marketers on TikTok would share my affiliate marketing content and then promote this other program.

As I became more popular as one of the best affiliate marketers who is on TikTok my content started being shared thousands of times... 

People would see my name, love my lifestyle but since I didn't have any training they then would associate Legendary Marketer with my name since the people sharing my content promoted Legendary Marketer.

I didn't care because I never wanted to be a coach...until... I started receiving hundreds and hundreds of complaints from users like this:

I have hundreds upon hundreds of complaints people started sending to me about Legendary Marketer. Across all the complaints this is the commonalities:

- The program doesn't really teach you anything, all of the really good actual helpful information is through an upsell that costs $2,500

- The last 50% of the program is just fluff and concentrated on just selling the upsell

- The program LOCKS the full course and the only way to have it unlocked is to be forced to listen get pitched an upsell for the $2,500 (which is what the screen shot is above)

- The lessons don't have enough proper education where students can operate on their own but then offers students to turn around to promote Legendary Marketer turning each student into an affiliate almost like a pyramid or how multi-level marketing operates.

When I started getting comments and complaints even directed at me or that I was some how affiliated with Legendary Marketer I had to put a stop to it... which is then why I started creating content that stated....


I wanted to make an aggressive stand point to distinguish that I am NOT part of Legendary Marketer and in fact I am going to create something MUCH BETTER.

I called a fellow beloved well known affiliate marketer Dom Bavaro and told him I was tired of the complaints and was getting sick to my stomach that the honest business model of affiliate marketing was being tainted by Legendary Marketer as if affiliate marketing and multi-level marketing are the same. 

Before I launched The Brambila Method I invited 100 wide ranging authentic people to take my program first. 

Through the feedback they provided I made changes and finally I asked them this question...

"Do you think it's realistic for a beginner to make money online without spending money?"

They all said... YES.

The Brambila Method launched on June 15th and in the first 2 weeks we had thousands upon thousands join which tells me the new authentic program couldn't have come at a better time.

This is the honest story why I created the Brambila Method.

I never wanted to start a war, I never wanted to be a coach I was super happy living my passive income life making over 7 figures a year while living in my van.

But there comes a moment all our lives where we feel called to do something to leave a legacy and a bigger impact in this world beyond ourselves. 

This is mine.

Adrian Brambila

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