How I Made $33,440 In One Day Online


In school, we were taught to never talk about money -- especially how much you make.  But why follow the rules?

I’m ending the stigma around “money talk” in hopes that my transparency and vulnerability will encourage, inspire, and help others learn about the legitimate world of making money online.  No only did my tactics transform me from the lower class to the upper 1%, they gave me the financial freedoms of my dreams.  

So, how did I do it?



Before I share the what and how… A little background and context


I know what you're thinking -- $33,440 in one day?  Fake.  Impossible.  Made up.  My reaction would be just the same if I was some stranger on the internet.  

My first job out of college paid $27,000 a year.  I was working 40 hour work weeks and was basically broke.  It’s mind boggling that the amount of money I used to make in an entire year is relative to what I make in one single day.  

Now, people say money changes you, but I really think it doesn't. Money simply takes the qualities you already have and makes them even stronger.  For example, if you're a jerk before you have money, you're going to be an even bigger jerk after.  But if you're generous, nice, and kind, more money allows you to be even more selfless and well-intentioned.  

I'll let you know right now that I didn’t get to this point overnight.  In fact, the $33,440 paycheck was quite an anomaly.   My pay fluctuates between $50,000 and $80,000 a month.   While a $30,000 swing sounds a bit crazy, that's the nature of the game as an entrepreneur.  

One of the questions I get asked the most is why?  If I’m making all this money online, why share how I do it?   Why talk about it?  Well, it all goes back to -- and you may roll your eyes -- my unnaturally efficient ability to generate money online.  

To be completely transparent, I own 3 side hustle companies that produce my full time income, yet I only talk online about one.  I've watched these same three side hustles grow over the past 10 years, and as I pointed out, their numbers are much much bigger now.  


If you look back at my old posts, you'll see that I've been sharing my data, traffic, and income with the internet since 2014.  I started with dance videos on Youtube, and even when I was just barely monetizing  (I’m talking chump change from Adsense) I still spoke about it.  To share the sappy truth with you, teaching gives me purpose and a sense of fulfillment. Just like dance builds self confidence, I believe that side hustles can really change your life and that’s why I’m so driven to share my why.



Where did the $33,440 Come from? 

If you're someone like me who didn't make a lot of money straight out of college, you might've gone down the path of trying to figure out how to make money online.  Now, before you go straight to Google and type in “how to make money online”, let me save you some time.  I've probably scanned beyond the first 5 pages of search results, running into the same questions every time.  What's legit?  What a scam? How do I know if it is true? Is it fake?  Who can I trust?  

That's when I came across the side hustle that makes me $33,440 a day -- affiliate marketing.  Affiliate marketing is a way to be a commission-based salesperson for any type of brand, product, or service, from literally anywhere in the world.  The only difference between a typical salesperson and an affiliate marketer is that a salesperson picks up a phone and makes calls or goes around knocking on doors, whereas an affiliate marketer uses the internet to generate sales.  


Take Amazon for example.  They have a huge affiliate marketing program with a small commission rate of 5-10%.  Say you want to sell some sunglasses through Amazon, so you post about them on your Facebook page.  From there, your friends, family, and any other strangers see your post and click the link to the sunglasses.  The sunglasses cost $100, so for every pair that is purchased through your link, you earn $5.  

I know what you're thinking -- that’s a lot of work for just 5 bucks.  But let's take a look at it on a larger scale.  Also remember, a salesperson only has so many hours in a day and can only reach one person at a time.  An affiliate marketer can be everywhere and anywhere, as many times as possible.  So, say you have 500,000 people who see your post about the glasses and 10% of those viewers follow through to make a purchase. That's 50,000 people at $5 -- all the sudden you've racked up $250,000.  


Being an affiliate marketer allows you to sell other companies goods without worrying about inventory or customer needs.  Your only responsibility is to make a sale.  After testing and trying all types of businesses and products, I quickly noticed two niche “hotspots” -- wealth and health.  

Now before I share the one product that made me $33,440 (yes, it was just one product!) I want to emphasize that you're hearing this story after I've “won”.   I wish you would've met me during the years of struggle leading up to my success.  It was strenuous.  It took lots of money.  And last but not least, it took a lot of testing.  

Through the company LadyBoss, I found a product that both works for me and is actually really healthy.  LadyBoss is targeted for women but men can use it too.  I first started selling their super green powder and to this day, I love their product.  It's really important if you are promoting a company's product, especially if it’s a physical good, that it actually works, is legit, and that you're making an ethical recommendation.   If you scam buyers into low quality products that don't perform well, chances are you won't be a trusted affiliate for very long.  

That being said, the real secret behind making $33,440 from affiliate marketing is growing a strong population of repeat buyers.  For instance, the super green supplement I promoted for LadyBoss was a 30 supply that customers used everyday.  Selling a tried and true health-based product like this allowed me to grow a nice residual income that increased dramatically when I decided to go all in with LadyBoss.  LadyBoss pays around a 33% commission, meaning I sold an estimated $100,000 worth of product.   I wouldn’t have been able to make that substantial of a profit without  the customers trusting both the supplement and my word.



What did I do for the $33,440?

The next question is how?  When I explained what an affiliate marketer is earlier on, it made total sense, right?  I post on my Facebook, people click on the link and buy.  But how did I grow my audience to receive an income payment of $33,440?

First, you have to understand that to receive that amount of income, I spent around $10,000 in ads over the span of a couple of years.  It comes down to having a budget and knowing the seasonality of your product.  As a seller of a health based item, I saw a flood of sales during two specific times of the year -- New Years and the weeks leading up to summer.  People were respectvely trying to get in shape which led to their interest in my product.  

The Marketing Formula for the $33,440… Explaining the tactics

Once you know the concepts of what I’m doing to make my income, the tactics of executing a strategy will follow.  Essentially, I’m running advertisements (which I pay for) on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Google.  It sounds like contradictory advice, but my ads were not to promote LadyBoss.  Instead, they were used to collect email leads and contacts that would connect me to the right persona.  In this case, it was a female who is trying to better themselves in fitness and health.  I then went on to create blog posts -- which are free, of course -- centered around holistic health for women.  From there, people were willing to trade their email for my idea, blog post, or list of x, y, and z.  Now I had a curated list of emails.  


I know I have a really good lead generation campaign if I’m spending a dollar or less per lead.  Today I have around 500,000 emails that I have collected through ads.  Once the contact lands on the blog page, they receive a list of the companies that I’ve recommended.  The first company on the list is LadyBoss, the second company we will call X, and the third one Y.  

What’s great about being an affiliate with multiple businesses is that no matter which link or company they click on, a 30 day cookie window is opened.  Once I send the right customer over to LadyBoss’s website, LadyBoss then uses their own budget to convert that person from a click to a sale.  If that person converts within the 30 day window, I make my commission.  It doesn't matter if they convert from my post or from a retargeting ad that LadyBoss created, I still make my revenue.   I am simply a connector.  By running ads and recommending products, I am building up and scaling a brand.   

The main difference between a blogger and an affiliate marketer is that bloggers are running off of organic traffic.  They are recommending products and hoping their post ranks on Google.  I am relying more on a controlled environment where I know I can target the right people and grow my email list based on the budget that I have.  

So there you have it -- a behind the scenes look into the “what” and “how” I make $33,440 in one day.  My lifestyle hasn’t changed much since those first years where I was basically broke -- I’m a minimalist, I travel all around the world, and I invest in experiences, which has allowed me to save over 90% of my income.  

Yes, it is possible for anybody to make a living online.  Yes, it is possible to be transparent about money.  And yes, it is possible to do it in an ethical fashion.  This lifestyle is truly liberating and hope you give it a shot.


I’ll catch you in the next post.  Peace and God bless.  


I make new content every single week, so be sure to subscribe to my Youtube and follow my Instagram @brambilabong and TikTok at @AdrianBrambila. I also have tons of resources and courses on my website that you won’t want to miss. Head over to to learn more about what I do and how I live a financially free life.



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