Adrian Brambila

Legacy Mindset Money Principles & Wealth Habits

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Learn Why This Course Is $1 In This Video

Money doesn't solve all your problems and I now know why. 

A lot of people think that if they just had another $5,000 or $10,000 that they would be able to get them out of whatever pickle they are in. 

But the hard to face truth we all need to come to realize is all the extra cash would do is just temporarily alleviate a problem that is BIGGER than any amount of cash you could receive.

Don't believe me? 

Then you need to wrap your mind around the FACT that 70% of people who won the lottery aka instantly getting flushed with millions of dollars became broke!

I used to think & judge...


But then I realized how unfair it is for me to judge someone who simply hasn't ever had the proper education about how money & finance works. 

This is one of the main reasons why I made this course and why I'm also charging just $1 for it. 

I believe this is the MOST important course I've ever created because whether you are making minimum wage or 6 figures your understanding and habits of money & mindset with wealth is the single most determination to where your future self will be. 

I wanted to create this course for FREE but I've realized with free courses people don't take them seriously.

I'm charging just $1 because I want literally everyone that comes on this page to buy it and the $1 transaction represents a promise that you are making to me and yourself that you will take this course seriously, finish it & take action on the steps you believe are relevant to you.

A lot of people first ask me how to make more money with a side hustle - this is probably what I am most experienced to teach because I have done hundreds of side hustles.

Yet - I have seen students of mine create successful side hustles yet still be in the same financial struggles they were originally in before they had a booming side hustle!

That's why this course is fundamental & the most obvious step in your journey no matter what your age & experience is. 

I've been debt free since 25 & became a millionaire by age 30 and I did it without being a trust fund baby & without getting lucky or doing some get rich quick scheme. 

I'm now at a point where at any day of any week I can simply retire & never have to worry about money again. 

I'm not a financial advisor (though I'm glad... because even financial advisors are in debt) but I hope that my real world life experiences around money & finance can demonstrate that I am a good role model to learn from. 

In this +15 video course with over 10 hours of content you'll learn everything from:

  • Managing Debt
  • Credit Cards
  • Budgeting
  • Investing
  • Spending
  • Saving
  • Earning
  • Retiring WAY Early