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Advance Affiliate Bootcamp

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SPECIAL LIMITED TIME OFFER: On top of the course I'm going to build an affiliate brand from scratch and take it from step 1 of creation all the way to spending money on ads and you will get to 'ride along' plus answer ask any questions about your affiliate brand.

Affiliate marketing is a side hustle that you can start with literally $0. It is incredible because it allows you to participate in the success of other amazing brands & products. 

At first I always thought it was a nice mini-income that stems from your main income.

But then when I started combining great affiliate offers with paid ads everything changed.

I learned that I could partner with some of the most amazing companies and brands in the world, promote there products, build a massive email list and make money.

Here is the two craziest things about by million dollar affiliate income:

  1. I spend 1-2 hours a day on it. It's the most passive business I've ever participated in.
  2. It's made up of hundreds of micro income streams. The typical income I get from one company I'm an affiliate for is $300. So when I make $50K in one month it's usually from over 200 different companies. You don't have to chase 200 like I've done... what if you just had 10 affiliate channels that paid you $300 a month that's an extra $3,000 a month in your pocket!

2019 Affiliate Income Profit Just around $500K

2020 Affiliate Income Profit Around $600K (Note this shows a lower income from 2019 because I've switched many companies to ACH/Wire Transfer. 

For years people have asked me about teaching people my secret strategies of being an affiliate... and I finally caved in.

I released my new affiliate course and the positive feedback has been overwhelming. If you are looking for a deep dive where I share all my secrets on affiliate marketing and real examples of products I've sold to generate millions then this is the course for you.

 Affiliate Course Outline


Overview & Main Affiliate Strategy Breakdown

LadyBoss Secrets (How I generated over $1M in sales in 14 months and quickly became the #1 affiliate)

How to Build A Successful Affiliate Brand

Building a Personal VS Business Brand

How I do Affiliate Research

Finding Amazing Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Networks VS Going Direct

Creative Research Process

Building a Basic Affiliate Funnel Walkthrough

Building a Power Opt-in Affiliate Funnel Walkthrough

Infrastructure Overview

How to install conversion code

How to Use Google Tag Manager

Ads Research

Winning Affiliate Testing Calculator (How I test affiliate offers without spending any money!)

Facebook Ads Overview

How to Set Up Ads

Walkthrough Real Fragrance Campaign

Walkthrough Real Coffee Spices Campaign

Walkthrough Real Health Coupon Campaign

YouTube Ads

Walkthrough Real Supplement Campaign

Creating A Drip Sequence