Adrian Brambila

TikTok Mastery Bootcamp

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Dr. Brad Klontz and I are collaborating on making a business themed course for TikTok that will teach you how to monetize for your personal or business brand.

What makes us unique influencers is that we don't dance, wear crop tops or shake our hips in our videos yet we have both built substantial sized audiences and generate over $30,000 per month from TikTok.

We're putting everything we know about TikTok in this course from how to monetize, how to leverage data, create content, how to research properly and more. 

Course Sections

  1. TikTok Fundamentals
  2. Profile Optimization
  3. Researching Hashtags
  4. Participating InTrends
  5. Monetization 101: How We Make $30K Per Month From TikTok
  6. Capturing Leads For Your Business
  7. Winning Brand Deals
  8. Growth Hacking Strategies
  9. Content Creation Guidelines For Success
  10. TikTok Ads