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Adrian's Book Bundle

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This is your chance to get my previously sold out Smart Affiliate Business Book (sold 500 in one day) but also 2 unreleased books The War of Affiliates and $10M Plan plus a Brambila Method hat!

I've only published 500 total and I know I will sell out again!

Here is what's inside each book:

Smart Affiliate Business

This is my manuscript on affiliate marketing. It includes my favorite mindsets and tactics including my famous email scripts I use to capture and nurture leads. It's a book you'll want to keep on your desk or a coffee table!

$10M Plan

I have BIG plans next year to make $10M dollars. I spent the last few months creating this master plan of exactly how I will do it. I accidentally turned this into a book. Whether your goal is to make $10M in a year like me or $1,000 this book will give you a framework of how to dream big and make a plan to go for it. 

The War of Affiliates

This is my codex of how to be what I'd like to call a super affiliate. There is a lot of people who say they do 'affiliate marketing' but this codex is a ritual of how I grew and manage to stay being in the top 1% of all affiliates in the world. To be a super affiliate is to live a different life, think differently... this is the codex how.

Everyone who orders this book box will receive a free link to my unreleased workshop on how optimizing for time is the best decision you can make for your business life titled: The $80K Per Month Affiliate Profit System I Built While Living in a Van with WiFi 1 Day a Week

*Free Workshop will release Feb 2024