Making Money Without Selling Stuff On Amazon

Did you know that you can make money online without having to invest time and effort into building a large following on social media? Here's your chance! Amazon just unveiled an amazing business opportunity that's been endorsed by media mogul Gary Vaynerchuk. I'm here to show you all the details and how you can get started right away. Don't miss out on this incredible chance to make money online!

“This is super interesting as a standalone like the fact that we are now going to have a Black Friday Football Game on Thanksgiving weekend and people like myself are super fired up.” - Gary Vaynerchuk

There's a lot bigger, more significant macro phenomenon developing there that I believe will really take center stage over the coming decade. The concept of content and commerce, as well as the integration of influencer affiliate programs, will, in my opinion, define the next decade of business.

How to make money on Amazon?

So, why is this such a big deal and how can you make money from it? It's actually not the most profitable in terms of making a lot of money. This is because Amazon gives you about five percent commission if you sell or refer anyone to buy any product on their site. 

But did you know they also have an influencer program? My friend Don Bavaro informed me that he was live on Amazon. I rushed to my phone and noticed that I could also go live on Amazon. But why would I? As for Amazon, I have zero followers. It's a place you used to buy but my mindset changed one day when one time I was shopping on Amazon and I saw this…

New Gold Mine of Opportunity

I was surprised when a live streaming video appeared right on my home page. I thought the host must be a big influencer to be able to do a live stream on Amazon and show up. However, when I checked them out on Instagram, they only had about 500 followers. 

I dug deeper and found a gold mine of opportunity and how it works. After signing up to be an Amazon influencer I figured out that you don't really have to be an influencer! However, you do need at least 500 followers. 

When you get accepted, you're permitted to live stream so when you're streaming, you don't need to post on Facebook or tell all your friends and fans. You don't have to promote your live stream. Because Amazon is promoting the products you're promoting, they're most likely to naturally produce and distribute your live stream. 

Amazon is one of the most insane algorithms and out of all algorithms, they know what we're about to buy. In fact, all of our consumer behaviors are wrapped up in algorithms. As an example, I might consider buying a tech product if someone broadcasts a live stream about it. I'll actually go to Amazon and that tech influencer that simply happens to be doing a live stream talking about their product is most likely to get matched with me — a.k.a the potential buyer. Crazy right?

It's Like Creating Your Own QVC!

Creating your own QVC where you're talking about products and Amazon's doing all the work for you to find customers. In this instance, imagine you had a hundred people on your live stream listening to you talk about what you bought on Amazon. This will enable you to make money if anyone who watches your live stream decides to those same products 

You don't have to promote it, you don't have to build an audience, and you don't have to drive traffic. All you have to do is to show up on Amazon, hit the live button, and talk about your product, and Amazon's doing all the work for you. 

What's even more interesting is that Amazon did a study that determined that the most effective way to convert a potential buyer into a sale is with a natural person's review. A natural person is me and you being honest about our thoughts and feelings about a product. That is the big money-making opportunity that we now have.

So how much money can you make with this?

On a Reddit Forum, I found out that someone is already making 15k per month through live streaming alone, and I believe this is just the beginning! The creator economy that Gary V. was talking about is not in the future. It's actually here, right now and just by reading this post, you're now in early! 

I anticipate every single Big Box store or brand is planning to allow content creators more ways to make money through their products. For example, Walmart just introduced its own content creator and influencer program. I just signed up but I haven't been approved yet. This is because it's still so early, but this is just the beginning! Start now by getting in the habit of pulling out your phone and recording a product. You don't have to identify yourself or show your face - just talking about something you know about or have purchased on Amazon. You don't need to be an expert and you don't need to be a huge influencer. You just have to be willing to get on camera and talk about a product.

How To Get Started

First, make sure you have at least 500 followers on Instagram and make sure your Instagram account has changed to a Business or Creator account. Second, sign up for the Amazon Affiliate Program and Influencer Program. Third, start browsing through all your different Amazon orders to see which ones you would like to talk about on your first live stream. They should be categorized similarly, so if you're talking about knives, don't talk about shovels. Make sure they're related to kitchen items if you're taking that route. And lastly, click on Amazon and hit the live button to talk about your products. It's okay if no one shows up or even if you're stuttering and you feel like you're all over the place. The only way you will get better is through practice.

Well, this is just the beginning. There are so many more ways of making money and I am here to teach you how to get the most out of it. 

Peace and God bless.

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