Why Less IS More

The Minimalist Millionaire


When you think of the word ‘millionaire’, what do you envision? If you search the phrase on Google, photos of lavish mansions and private jets appear.  

That being said, I am a millionaire and I don't live in a mansion.  To be honest, I don't even own a home!  

My story doesn’t sound real, I know.  If I were you, I wouldn’t believe me either.  How is it possible — or plausible, rather — that I make over 80,000 dollars per month but live in a van?

I can’t tell you how many comments I get on my videos that question my ways.  But then again, I think the modern-day definition of what it means to be a millionaire and financially free is completely backward.  Life is not about having a big house, a luxury car, or stuff; it’s the opposite! It’s about owning your time. 

True financial freedom means you don't have to worry about money when you make decisions.  However, if you believe that once you achieve financial freedom you can go on a shopping spree everyday, you won’t be financially free for long!  

Living in a van has taught me many things.  The most valuable lesson I have learned is that experiences are way more fulfilling than any object you can buy.  Objects give you a false sense of fulfillment.  The thrill of a new shiny watch only lasts so long. It fades and dies until the next shiny thing comes along.  

Businesses understand this obsession that is taking over society.  That’s why we are constantly bombarded with ads and upgrades and commercials. They make us question if we are really happy or if we could be happier with the newer, shinier version. 

In my van, we have less than 30 square feet of space.  I don't buy much because I literally can’t fit much! Everything I own fits in my van and has a purpose in my life.  I can confidently say that I am the happiest I've ever been yet I own the least amount of stuff I ever have.  

Minimalists avoid the trappings of modern-day consumerism.  We aren’t constantly swiping our credit cards.  We aren’t always expecting an Amazon package.  Ads and marketing don't work on us.  We don't think more is better.  

Yes, I have the money.  I could buy a lot of things. But why? Why buy things I don’t need to impress people that I don't know? If you're concerned that people are going to judge you based on the brand of clothes you wear or the size of house you live in, ask yourself if those are really the people you want in your life.  Your money cannot go to the grave with you, but neither can your stuff! 

More than anything, I’m trying to encourage people to live a life of intent.  It’s okay to buy things as long as there is the right intent behind the purchase.  

When we are at the end, in our final minutes, are you going to be thinking about what kind of watch you're wearing? Is that really what you're going to savor in your final breaths? Or are you going to spend those final moments thinking about the people that you love and the experience you created?

Peace and God bless.  

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