The Easiest Way to Become a Millionaire



Imagine that every time you bought something, you invested your spare change into your retirement account.  Thirty years down the line, you are a millionaire without even thinking about it! Thanks to an app called Acorns, you won’t need to imagine this scenario — it will be your real life.  

Right now, my Acorn app says that by the time I’m 32, my spare change investments will be worth 12 million dollars!  You read that right.  Each time you make a purchase, the leftover change gets invested into a balanced portfolio that meets your retirement goals.

I get hundreds of comments a day asking me if I invest in stocks and use apps like Robinhood.  While I love that investing is becoming more mainstream among the youth, day trading is a speculative investment.  Speculative investing is when you invest in something knowing that it is extremely risky.  When you invest in just one stock, you aren't setting up a retirement plan.  You could (and most likely will) lose all of your money.  In fact, only 5% of professional traders that have algorithms and use teams find success.  Don’t bet your future on odds like those!  

Right now, we are experiencing a bull market.  Anybody with an extra dollar can invest and it will go up in value.  Many are being blindsided by this high and think that whatever is put in the stock market grows.  However, eventually there will be a crash and the market will correct itself.  You could either put all your eggs in one basket and lose it all or diversify via a S&P index fund.  The choice is really up to you but I’m sure you can tell which of the two I would choose.

What is Acorns?

Acorns invests into those index funds and ETFs based on your goals via a robo advisor.    Everything is automatic and you never have to think about it.  

Features I Love

Unless you are swiping your credit card all day every day, the change you invest will probably not be enough to retire on.  Here are a few features that will help you expedite your goals.


The roundup feature calculates how many cents there are until the next even dollar and invests that amount.  With this feature, you can times the spare change amount exponentially.  For example, I bought a latte for $5.35.  The leftover change was 65 cents but I had the roundup feature set to 10x.  I ended up investing $6.50.  

I want to clarify that I am in a financial situation where I can comfortably invest aggressively.  If you aren't here yet, do not worry.  I am just here to get you started and hopefully inspire you.  


When you set up a portfolio on acorns, you go through a questionnaire over your risk tolerance, when you want to retire, etc.  You get to choose what percentage of large, medium, small, and international company stocks you want to invest in.  The app also gives you insights into what each one of those funds are.  

Automatic Contributions

This is where the magic happens.  Your automatic contributions should be based on whatever you can invest while maintaining your current lifestyle.  The point is to get in and start no matter how small your contributions may be.  


One of my favorite parts about Acorns is the very simple projection it gives regarding your account.  The app uses a calculator to project a conservation return on your investment based on current investment habits.  You can even see what your account is predicted to look like years from now.  

Acorns is just one amazing tool that I use to invest my money (no, I’m not getting paid to say this!).  That being said, with everything comes risk.  Remember to not give too much thought to the daily prices of the market.  What really matters is what your money looks like 20, 30, or 50 years down the line.

Do you have Acorns?  If not, what are you using to invest?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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Peace and God bless.  

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