Sell Like Crazy This Holiday Season

Affiliate Marketing Training

It’s finally here!  Do you remember how excited you used to get as a child on Christmas morning? That is how excited I am — as an adult — to get out of bed knowing that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming! 

I know you've partaken in a Black Friday or Cyber Monday promotion before but, have you ever been on the other side of the deal? Trust me, switching from buyer to seller is life-changing!  Q4 is when all of the holiday shopping happens. That also makes it the quarter where shoppers spend the most money! They are busy buying things for themselves, for friends, and for people they love.  They want to get emails and text messages telling them about all the offers and discounts available to them so they make the best purchases. 

It is inevitable that shoppers are going to buy; that is why Q4 is the best time to be in business! If you would like to sell during the holiday rush this season just like I do, stay tuned.  I’m talking about making 6 figures in one day (yes, one day!).  I’ll show you the exact group of people to target, the winning way to write an ad, and so much more. 

My regular Casa de Brambila Paid Ads Training usually runs for $2,497.  It is a multi-day live training that comes with various resources that are guaranteed to make you a sale.  

This Q4, we are offering the full training for just $997!

You will receive 8+ hours of live training where you’ll get to see directly into my ads dashboard as I launch Black Friday and Cyber Monday holiday-specific campaigns.  I will even let you copy and paste my ads into your dashboard so you can use my exact strategies this season.  

I will say that this offer is not for everyone.  We are limiting the live training to 200 participants who want to take paid ads seriously.  (If you can’t make the live call but would still like to secure your spot, the lives will be recorded and you will have access!).  

Now is the time.  I will teach you everything I know about ads that got me to where I am today.  It’s truly the most wonderful time of the year.  Let’s go! 


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