New TikTok Viral Strategy Works Every Time

I have finally figured out a way to go viral on TikTok! Through thousands of tests, I have built my TikTok up to 885,000 followers with the exact formula I’m about to share with you! I've tested everything from cringy clickbait hooks to sad stories. This strategy works with every single niche. I'm talking beauty, makeup, fitness, outdoors, insurance, or whatever you can think of! 

First, I must give credit where credit is due. My good friend Dr.Brad Klontz is the pioneer of this viral script. Before I break down the art and science of it, I want to share a few examples to see if you can grasp the idea for yourself. 

Dr. Brad Klontz Example


Dr. Brad is on the inside of TikTok and has weekly calls with them to get the latest scoop. On the first video he tested this script on, he got 1.7 million views and 100,000 followers within a week. 



1. The Hook 

The first thing you must include is a pitch. The goal of a pitch is to convince the user to watch the rest of your video. Use curiosity, a leading question, or a relatable story. The hook matters! 

2. The Second Hook

After your first hook, include a second hook! Maybe it is an additional fact or question. 

3. Context

Next, you must add information about yourself and why the user should watch your video and not other creators. Don't be afraid to humble brag a little! 

4. Call to Action

This is where you prompt the user to follow you, click the link in your bio, comment, share, etc. 

5. Value

Finally, you add the value. This is where the video comes together and references back to the hook. 

Note that if you use this script, you may get comments saying “just get to the point” because you are delivering value at the end. However, that is the point! The first 4 steps of this strategy burn through 15 seconds! This ensures a high watch time which is one of the number one factors that goes into a viral video. More watch time equals more exposure. 

That, my friends, is the viral script! Now that you are equipped with it, I challenge you to test it and try it. If you do, comment below on how it went! My first video using this strategy got 1.4 million views in the first week! I'm excited to see what it does with you! 

Thanks so much for reading. This is Adrian Brambila. Peace and God bless. 

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