I Got Banned From TikTok & Got It Back Because Of THIS

Last week, my TikTok account got banned out of nowhere! My 880,000 followers were gone overnight. Gone, disappeared, and deleted with no explanation why! Not even a warning! It was gone!

Lucky for me, I managed to get my account back within 48 hours. In this post, I'm going to explain exactly how I got it back in case it ever happens to you. 

How it all started…

The disaster started when I posted a video, as I normally do, with my pitch on how to make money online. It got flagged right away. In a matter of hours, it had over 200,000 views but the momentum was quickly stopped when it got taken down. I was very angry so I sent an appeal. TikTok was very kind and assured me that they didn't mean to take the video down on purpose. Everything was great — or so I thought. 

The next morning I woke up and saw a terrible alert. It said that I was banned from TikTok! After a few deep breaths, and some panic, I reached out to a few content creators who I thought might have any type of connections with TikTok. I thought having 880k followers would give me some sort of advantage but I was wrong. I am just another pawn of a creator. 

I eventually got connected with a gentleman who works at TikTok and shot him a text. My TikTok account is not just about my followers; it is my business and my livelihood! TikTok pays me! I drive leads through TikTok. It was a big deal to have it vanish in an instance. I received the following text message back which I will never forget… 



A few hours later he let me know that I was reinstated and that was that! If it wasn't for the network that I have built along the way, I would have been out of luck. This was a great life lesson. When you build relationships with people whether you need something or you are helping out them, you cannot be a douche! You never know when you are going to need something and you will not maintain those important connections if you are an asshole. 

Because I was so thankful for this guy's help, I asked him if I could take him out to dinner on a true bro date. He ended up being in Austin so we went to a fine dining restaurant where I encouraged him to order whatever he wanted! He just saved my business, it was the least I could do! I also learned some very cool TikTok insights

What I Learned…

When you post on TikTok, certain videos get flagged by an algorithm to prevent scams and criminal activities. As you probably know, I talk very frequently about money on my account. Money typically gets flagged because there are really bad people on the internet that try to scam people with investments. My video was flagged for explicit illegal activities. It should have never gotten banned but nevertheless, it did. 

I tried to gain insight as to why it happened and here's what I learned. The video gets flagged by an algorithm and is then reviewed by a human. To my knowledge, the human that reviewed my video did not know that I was offering a legit business strategy and assumed it was a scam. These humans are not incentivized to take risks. If they pass a video onto TikTok that actually is a scam and it gets traction, the fault is on the employee. Rather than being lenient, they assumed that what I was talking about (Skillshare) wasn't safe and blocked my account. It all comes down to human error.

How Much I Make From TikTok

TikTok pays me around 3 cents for every 1,000 views. If you do the math, you need a lot of views to make money! Here's a look into my dashboard… 

In total, TikTok has payed me $3,137.37. TikTok is nothing like YouTube which pays a lot more. That being said, the power of TikTok is unmatched in terms of reach. I use TikTok to promote my own courses and products. In the past 4 weeks, my own product has made $39,000 strictly from TikTok! 


The moral of the story is that anything can happen! You have to be prepared to diversify your platforms and audiences. We are playing in somebody else's sandbox in which we don't create the rules. 

Have you had any trouble with content or your TikTok account getting banned? If there's any way I can help you, leave a comment below! I'd love to check out your account. 

Thanks for reading. Peace and God bless. 

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