How To Get $780 Invested Into Stocks For FREE Every Month

I just got $780 to invest in stocks for FREE! In this post, I’ll teach you to do the same!

Anytime you invest, it’s risky (unless you are getting that money for free!). Lucky for us, there is an awesome app that lets us start investing with zero monetary risk — Acorns!

What is Acorns?

Acorns became popular for being a platform that invested the spare change from every time you swiped your credit card. Acorns would invest this change, on your behalf, into low-cost index funds and ETFs. What’s great about this method is that the earlier you start investing, the more it will compound over time. 

In my Acorns account, for example, I already have $89,058! That will be worth over seven figures by the time I turn 60! My portfolio is made of 5% crypto (this is new on Acorns!), 95% stocks, and 0% bonds. I will warn you however that you and I are probably in very different financial situations! When you open an Acorns account, the app will have you fill out a questionnaire that will build a portfolio for you based on your answers. 

Acorns Refer a Friend Program

Acorns has a great referral program! Typically, you get $5 for every user you refer. They then invest $5 into both you and your friends' accounts! That being said, Acorns also does amazing promotions where, if you rack up enough sign-ups, they will give you a bonus! This is where you can make the big bucks! Here’s how to do it! 

Step 1: Explain the App

First, take out your phone and explain what Acorns is. Your job isn't to reinvent the wheel; your job is to spread awareness. Simply tell your followers how it is an app that invests your spare change! 

Step 2: Make it Sexy!

No, I don’t mean take your clothes off. I’m talking about drawing the user in and inviting them to listen. Add a hook to grab their attention. Tell them about your experience and how they can have the same success as you!

Step 3: Insert Your Referral Link

This is called a call to action. Insert your referral link and explain the benefit of doing so. 

In March alone, I posted 3 videos on my Facebook reels and TikTok account where I talked about Acorns. From those 3 videos, I got $780 invested into my account for FREE!

 So, what are you waiting for? If you would like to join, you can find my referral link here

Thanks for reading. Peace and God bless!

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