How To Create A Successful Online Business Using

At last!  There is a way to spend less and sell more! 

Have you ever heard of the saying “it takes money to make money”?  This saying embodies the idea that you can’t make money unless you already have it.  But what are you supposed to do if you don't have any?

I remember dreaming up business ideas with colleagues of mine from the call center I used to work at over our lunch break.  We would fantasize about making it big and really taking off one day.  Soon enough however, it would be time to clock back in and the fact that none of us had any money to get our imaginary business started killed any hope we had left. 

So, I put back on my headset, logged back in, and helped somebody with their retirement 401k for the hundredth time that day.  During those calls I would secretly dream of having a successful business.  These thoughts filled my mind day and night.  

Today I am living proof that you CAN make money without spending money.  

My whole life, I’ve been trying to build a successful online e-commerce company.  About 5 or 6 years ago I really focused on e-commerce full time. Thanks to a platform called Alibaba, my store had great success!  They allowed me to spend less and sell more!  

If you're just starting out, let me break down the beginning steps to starting an ecommerce store… 

  1. Pick a Niche.  Who are you going to sell to? Who is your ideal persona?
  2. Pick a Product.  What are you going to sell to said people?
  3. Source Your Product.  Where are you going to get your products?

Alibaba is the best place to source products.  They offer thousands upon thousands of items and even include recommendations on what’s trending.  Alibaba also verifies their sellers so you know you are only getting the best of the best.  

Right now, Alibaba is running their Super September event that can help you kickstart your campaign.  You can start your first ever business and save up to 40% while doing so!




To begin your dropshipping adventure, head over to  You will see a variety of top-selling products on their homepage.  These are real items that have been data-proven to succeed based on current trends.  How cool is that?




Alibaba allows you to private label right from their website.  You can customize almost any product which is a great way to build a reliable brand.  




As I mentioned earlier, Alibaba verifies their sellers to make sure you are getting the best products available.  To find out more about a seller, click on their brand name.  Legit sellers will always include information about their manufacturing and facilities.  If you can’t find this information, don’t hesitate to reach out.  Most brands would be more than happy to hop on a call with you.



I want to end by saying that my e-commerce business didn't sky rocket right away. I built it slowly and authentically.  That being said, Alibaba was a huge part of why I’m where I am today. I utilized their site, reinvested into my brand, and scaled.  The hustle was totally worth it. 

If you want to start an online e-commerce company, now is the best time to do so! Get started today by checking out Alibaba’s Super September event here.  

Have questions about Alibaba or e-commerce? Drop them below! I’d love to help you out!

It’s time to spend less and sell more. 

Peace and God bless.  

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