How I Make $5K/Day Passive Income from Selling Boring Stuff Online

Would you believe me if I told you that I make over $5k from selling soap? Yes, you read that right! Soap! I get paid every day for directing customers to an online store that sells soap thanks to a handy business called affiliate marketing. 

Most people think affiliate marketing is much more complicated than it actually is. They think of competitive spaces like health or fitness. But when you are an affiliate for weird niches where there is less competition, you can actually make a lot of money! Here's how it works… 

The Science Behind Affiliate Marketing

Have you ever gone to Google and searched something specific like “what is a good soap made with natural ingredients”? These niche searches are great money-making opportunities. When you click on a link, your web browser “cookies” you and notes that you have visited their page. As an affiliate, if this is your link, you would get a commission off the sale which can be tracked through the cookie. 

That being said, it is risky as an affiliate to send clicks straight to your link. Most buyers don't buy the first time they see a product. They typically need to learn a little more and ponder their decision before making a purchase. So, a smart affiliate marketer saves their info for later by curating a niche email list. 

In order to get customers to opt into this email list, you must offer something of value (usually information of some sort). In my case, I make a listicle. A listicle is a list of different product options you believe the customer would be interested in based on their niche search. They want answers so they opt-in, read your listicle, ponder the information, and make a purchase. It's really that simple!

The catch here is that you are actually an affiliate for every company or product in the listicle. This way, no matter which option the customer decides on buying, you make a commission! 

Hint: I have found that the number 7 in a listicle title performs very well. Try titling your article “7 things that will…”.

Note that you will not get rich quickly doing this. It is a side hustle that compounds over time. Eventually, you will build up enough listicles and leads to where you are making a decent amount of money each month. It's not going to happen on day one, month one, or maybe even year one! But the best time to get started is now! Sell soap! Sell whatever! Get started! 

Now, I probably made this sounds easier than it actually is. You have to learn how to build a website, how to build a landing page, how to create an ad, and how to create good content. That's a lot of information! If you have been enjoying my free YouTube courses but want to dive deeper, I recommend my most popular low-ticket course, the Brambila Method. It teaches you everything you need to know about making money with affiliate marketing. Check it out here!

If you have any questions about affiliate marketing (or soap), comment below! I'll catch you next time. Peace and God bless. 

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