How I Made 7 Figures with Affiliate Marketing & LOST IT ALL


A few years back, I was the top-selling affiliate for a brand called LadyBoss.  I generated over one million dollars in sales for them!  LadyBoss even invited me to one of their events to accept a prestigious award for being so loyal to their company.  So, you're probably wondering where I am today with LadyBoss.  Ten million? Twenty-five million?  Well, I’ll show you…

In the past 30 days, I have made $692.65 with LadyBoss.  What happened?  Lots of things; this was a big learning lesson.  

One of the amazing things about being an affiliate was that I got to participate in the rise of LadyBoss.  Again, I was one of their first affiliates.  That being said, I also got to participate in the fall.  This fall isn’t what you think it is.  No, LadyBoss did not fail miserably or go out of business.  Instead, they grew — a lot.  Soon, they started to realize how much money they were spending on affiliate commissions and did what most companies do: cut commission spending.  In this case, LadyBoss cut their spending by over 50%.  

In addition to this, they changed affiliate platforms.  In this switch, LadyBoss didn't migrate all of my customer data.  All of my emails, points of contact, and residual income was gone.  I had to start from scratch.  This, in hand with my commission being cut, limited me to scale and profit the way I was before.  

My Old Setup

As you can see from the photo above, running ads and creating audiences is very intricate!  When testing for LadyBoss, I had over 90 audiences and 124 different ads; it’s lots of work!  

I had all of these intricacies because I believe collecting emails is key to affiliate marketing.  I had to make sure that the people I was targeting were qualified so I could get the lead.  If I would’ve never done this, I would be screwed.  The money would’ve probably still been okay, but not as great as it eventually got.  

My Old Tactics

A really good affiliate program will provide you with creatives to post in your ads and on social media.  LadyBoss is actually really strong at marketing so they had a whole library of content for me to use — and I did.  

Now, remember, the secret to success is collecting leads.  This is where most affiliate marketers mess up; they run the ad containing their affiliate link, make their commission, and never see their customers again.  When you collect emails, you can continue to offer value to the customer via email and I guarantee they will buy.  This change in tactics is the difference between a rookie and an advanced affiliate marketer.  

To reiterate, you should always require the user to stop by your landing page before receiving any offer.  Yes, this does mean there will be a dropout rate of those who don't check their email or don't even make it as far as entering their email.  Yes, you will get more traffic if you simply attach your link to your ad.  That being said, in the long run, you will make way more money, you will protect yourself, and you will build a scalable business by collecting the lead first.  

Overall, owning the data to your online affiliate marketing business is your most powerful asset.  Are you ready to take the leap from rookie to pro?  Let me know! 

Thanks for reading. 

Peace and God bless.  


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