How I Made $425,000 In 14 Days Selling A $97 Course On ClickFunnels



In this post, I share the 8 specific steps on how I sold $425,000 worth of a $97 course in just 2 weeks! 

I launched my course, The Brambila Method, in the summer of 2021. It took off like crazy! I wanted to be a leading course that taught honest and real affiliate marketing. To put it humbly, my course was a huge success!

1. Challenge Current Issues in Niche

If you want to make noise, you have to call out the big dogs. You have to let your competition know that you are here to shake things up! By doing this, you may create some enemies! That being said, if your product lives up to the hype and expectations, this is a smart thing to do. 

2. Call Out Bad Examples

To take things to the next level, don't just call out the bad programs, call out the bad people. Again, this tactic is not recommended for the lighthearted. However, in the affiliate marketing niche, for example, people were being taken advantage of and I hated that! I had to call them out by name. 

3. Attractive Character of Justice

You have to create a sense of justice that you are going to be different. If you launch and offer the same product as everybody else, you become a fraud. You must set yourself apart from others in your niche. 

4. Build a Tribe

If you want to make a big impact, you cannot do it on your own. Team up with others who will honestly support your product. Your following alone is insignificant but yours plus 100 of your most loyal supports will make some noise. Always give your supporters (or affiliates) compensation for their work and promotion. 

5. Build Trust Through Beta

Creating a beta program for your product will allow you to get honest, constructive feedback. This will also build trust throughout the process and show that you value your customer's opinions. 

6. Build an Affiliate List

Make sure that each and every one of your affiliates is qualified. When I first launched, I only let 100 affiliates join the program. One of the qualifying factors was that you had to prove you could make money online without selling a course. I wanted true authentic affiliates who weren't simply making profits off of the lack of knowledge of others. This meant that I had to turn away some affiliates — and money. Doing this showed character and authenticity. 

7. Create an Exclusive Launch Offer

In order to get people to buy on launch day, you need to create something that is different than if they were to buy a month later. For example, I gave everybody who bought within the launch period a lifetime access to my course. If you bought after the launch period, you have to pay an annual subscription. 

8. Create an Exclusive Affiliate Offer

Similar to the exclusive customer offer, create an incentive for your affiliates to promote hard on launch day as well. In my case, I gave the first 3 affiliates to make $1000 in commission an instant $1000 bonus. 

Before you go, I couldn't have done this without my right-hand man, Dom Bavaro, and my team of affiliates. If you have personally bought the course, thank you! It means the world. 

If you have any questions, I would be more than happy to answer them below.

Thanks for reading. Peace and God bless. 

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