How I Made $125,000 in PROFIT in 30 Days Through Affiliate Marketing


*** Breaking News ***

Hello and welcome to the first episode of Side Hustle Monthly Income.  I’m your host, Adrian Brambila.  

In today's report we will review my record-breaking six figure profit monthly profit from April, 2020.  For affiliate income, let's get an update on the final numbers from my business manager who’s currently in the field. 

Cut to my business manager, A.K.A. dad…

“Even in this worldwide pandemic going on, April was a record month with a total of $68,680.  Truly amazing!”



In all seriousness though, let's dive into where my six figures worth of profit is coming from, what exactly I’m selling, and how much it all costs me.  


But first… Why trust me?

One asset that sets me apart is that I’ve tried almost every way to make money online.  I'm a jack of all trades, if you will.  With over one hundred online revenue streams, I know what works and what doesn't.  I’ve tested hundreds of brands, products, and niches, and have applied what I’ve learned to my own companies in order to make six figures in just one month.

If you watched me 10 years ago, you know that my first online side hustle was making dance videos.  To this day I have one of the most downloaded dance tutorials that exists on the internet. 


What exactly do I do?

Since then I’ve explored Amazon FBA, ecommerce, drop shipping (although I’m not a huge fan of it), and affiliate marketing, which has skyrocketed into one of the most profitable side hustles that exists.   60 to 70 percent of my profit is actually generated from the around 250 brands that I’m an affiliate for.  The other 30 percent is split between brand deals and my personal courses that I have available online.

I know that there are internet gurus out there who make the majority of their profit off of teaching people how to make money -- but that's not me.  I believe that should be the smallest revenue driver.  

I like to think of myself as an athlete rather than a coach.  Don’t get me wrong, I love coaching -- that’s the whole point of me making content on business .  I want to reach out and help people because it's one of the most fulfilling acts I can do as an experienced entrepreneur.  It's really rewarding to see the comments on my YouTube and TikTok videos that mention how my videos have impacted someone’s life or financial outlook.  

But, coaching aside, I’m still an athlete in the crazy game of making money online.  


Affiliate Marketing… How does it work?

Affiliate marketing allows my income to be very passive.  It’s 100 percent automated and I constantly have cash flowing in.  I actually have a Paypal account that is strictly for receiving affiliate income.  As you can see in the photo above, I was sent $58,295 in the past 30 days.  202 different companies sent me a payment with the average “order”, or payout, being $289.  This means I’m making about $10 a day from each company.  

If you solely look at the $58,295, you initially think “What? That's insane! Who makes that much? Ridiculous!”.  But when you see $10 a day, that doesn't sound so hard, right?  One company sending you $289 a month sounds manageable, doesn't it?

My overhead for this month was $13,000.  That’s $13,000 in ads strictly spent on affiliate marketing.  I also get paid on a few other platforms due to payments from foreign overseas companies, so my real revenue from this month was closer to $64,000.  Once you take my income and subtract my overhead, you end up with around $58,000 in profit just from affiliate marketing. 

The Strategy

I can explain my strategy simply, although it is a bit tricky to execute.  First, I pay to place ads on various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc.  From here, my goal is to collect emails.  I know I am running a successful campaign if I’m spending 1 to 3 dollars for each email that I get in return.  So, how am I getting people to give me their email through an ad?  Good question.  

I create an article, resource, or free guide on something valuable to the person opting in.  Say I write a blog post headlined “New Vegan Protein That You Have to Try” -- not a great title, I know, but you get it.  My ad includes a headline and a guide that requires the reader to exchange their email in order to gain access to the information.  

After 10 years, I have quite the curated list of emails -- almost 500,000 to be exact.  Now that I have these emails, I can test trying to promote different products across a variety of niches.  Take fitness for example.  If I write a post that includes products from 5 different fitness brands that I’m an affiliate for, it doesn't matter which link or brand the reader clicks on -- I make a commission either way.  Like I said before, all that I’m trying to do is make $10 a day from each brand.  That’s how I end up with 202 different companies paying my $58,000 in total for the past 30 days.  


I can’t believe that during these chaotic times, my online businesses are thriving.  My dashboards have had record breaking highs.  So, why am I sharing this with you?

I’ve seen my friends and followers time and time again lose their jobs due to the pandemic.  As they reach out for my advice, I feel it’s my responsibility to help them escape their circumstances by using the internet -- just like I did 10 years ago.  I was making $27,000 a year at a call center and I know for sure if I was still there I definitely would have gotten laid off.  

In the photo above you can take note of my total income from April, 2020, along with my expenses and net profit of $125,000.  We went over affiliate marketing earlier, which came out at $64k.  You can see brand deals rounded out at $18k, ecommerce at $30k, and coaching, courses, and investments made up the rest.  

Want to know more about how I do what I do?  Come back for more strategies and the full breakdown on my other revenue sources, and don't forget to check out the books that truly changed my life at  

I’ll catch you in the next one.  Peace and God bless.

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