How I Got 800,000 Followers on TikTok

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What does it feel like to have over 800,000 people follow me on TikTok?  

It seems fake!  I can’t even comprehend how many people that even is.  It’s crazy!

But in the grand scheme of things… it don't mean shit.  When I go onto social media, I am very focused.  My job is to create content and share my story to inspire.  Having 800,000 listen to my words of advice is extremely humbling and I’m so grateful.  Beyond that, my following is not part of my identity.  I don't think I’m better than everyone else.  I’m just like you!  I still don't have a blue checkmark!  

TikTok has brought me so much opportunity, both business and personal related.  I’ve met really awesome entrepreneurs and have made great connections.  I hope someday I get to meet these other creators face to face and share our experiences.  

To be honest, I’m not the proudest of how I got my following.  If you take a quick scroll through my feed, you’ll notice that there are a few videos based on inspiration or quick bites of knowledge, but it’s mostly humble bragging.  I swear don't mean to constantly flaunt how much I make online.  But truth be told, those are the videos that perform the best!  

The real reason I am on TikTok is because of comments like the ones above. This feedback gives me the purpose to create content and connect with my viewers.  I oftentimes feel bad that I can’t respond to every comment!  

That being said, I am a creator.  My job is not to scroll through my feed and spend my time interacting.  My job is to be creative and post content that is of high quality and engaging.  

When I saw the opportunity of TikTok, I encouraged my wife Ashley to get an account and start posting.  She crushed it and had over 3,000 followers.  However, all the attention became overwhelming and started affecting her.  Unlike her, I’ve been posting content for over 11 years and I’ve built up a tolerance to hate comments.  

If you're one of my 800,000 followers on TikTok or 140,000 on YouTube, I want to say thank you.  Every day I wake up, I feel inspired to create content and share my story.  I love what I do.

If you’ve learned something from a video I have shared on TikTok, please let me know.  Hearing how my work impacts you guys always makes my day. 

With that being said, peace and God bless.  

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