Facebook Reels is the NEW TIKTOK


Facebook recently came out with its own version of reels to compete with TikTok’s popular short-form content. For the past couple of weeks, I have been testing out the algorithm. Since I began posting regularly to Facebook reels, I have gained over 100,000 followers! 

I never thought Facebook, the place where I keep in touch with all my old high school friends, could be the authoritative platform! While I do have a pretty little blue checkmark next to my name, this method can work for anybody. My good friend Dr. Brad Klontz tried it and now has hundreds of thousands of views! 

As I mentioned Facebook is simply making its own attempt to dominate the short-form content market. When you logged into your Facebook account before, you would see stories and reels just like you do now. However, that content used to live on Instagram and would require you to switch apps if you wanted to click on them. Now, Facebook is separating its reels to be their own entity aside from Instagram reels. 

If you're reading this, you are early! Now is the best time to get into the game and start uploading content.  Most people don't even know that reels exist! In terms of opportunity, there's no predicting how big this will get. That being said, every day I open my Facebook app and I have 99+ notifications, my DM inbox is full, and I am flooded with views. Something must be working! 

Why FB Reels are Better… 

I love Facebook reels because, directly on the video, you can link to an external website. The only way to drive traffic to a landing page or offer on TikTok is through the link in your bio. This requires extra clicks and time for the user. When people have questions on Facebook, I can simply reply to their comments with a link to a video, offer, or tutorial. This is a game-changer, especially from a business standpoint. 

How Much Should You Post?

Right now I am taking it to the max by posting 3 to 6 times a day on Facebook reels. I feel that since it is so early and the algorithm is so generous, I can't pass up posting this often!

If you already have content on TikTok, use it on Facebook! There is nothing wrong with reusing content across different platforms! 

So, are you up for the challenge? Drop your Facebook profile link below! I'd love to check out some of your reels.

This is Adrian. Peace and God bless. 

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Hi Adrian love your content. Here is my facebook https://www.facebook.com/graeme.jarry

Joyce Ruffcorn

Hi Adrian. I would love to learn what you do and make a sufficient income from home. I came across you as I was on FB reels and you’ve definitely peeked my interest. My situation is a little complex but if I could make some money on my own I would be able to help myself get on my own two feet. I would love to hear more of your strategies. If you could please help it would be so greatly appreciated! Thank you. Joyce

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