Day 5: Testing Your Side Hustle Idea Without Costs

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No matter which side hustle you create — drop shipping, affiliate marketing, Amazon FBA, blogging, being an influencer — whether it be a product or service, you must know how to test it.  Testing helps determine if whatever you are pursuing has the potential to grow.  How else will you know if you should keep going or maybe try something else?

When I started my first side hustle 10 years ago, I was super broke.  I needed to create a system where I could conservatively estimate whether or not my idea was worth my time, and more importantly, my money.  


At the time, I didn't understand the idea of drop shipping so I consequently gravitated towards e-commerce.   I ended up buying hundreds of hats, sweatpants, and sweatshirts with money from my pocket, putting a logo on them, and sitting with my inventory for years to come.  Ouch.  I ended up donating most of it to Goodwill simply because I bought more inventory than I could sell. 

It was this terrible experience that I had with buying in bulk that made me think, “there's gotta be a better way to do this.

So, I learned about drop shipping.  But just you know about drop shipping doesn't mean you're going to start making money right away.  In order to launch a successful campaign you have to find the right product.  In order to find the product, you have to test, test, and test.  Just like almost anything in the world, each one of these test campaigns costs money.  If you're not careful, you will run yourself broke pretty quick. 



So Adrian, what should I test?

Great question!  If you're like me, you probably have ideas constantly running through your mind (some good, some bad).  Whenever somebody asks me if their idea is “good enough”, I (almost) always encourage them to try it out no matter my initial thoughts.  



Ever heard of the Pet Rock?  It is one of the stupidest yet smartest products that I’ve ever heard of.  All it was was a rock, which you can get anywhere for free, marketed as a pet.  Ridiculous, right?  But, nevertheless, it sold and made over 15 million dollars! You never know what will work these days on the internet. 



My Testing Strategy


When you create a side hustle, you need a data driven way to test your idea.  You need to prove that your idea is worth the time and energy.

At last, I created a testing mechanism; I call it the “100 QP Test”, which stands for 100 Qualified People Test.  Here's how it works:

No matter what you are trying to sell, you need 100 qualified people to make it your designated opt-in/offer/sales page and take some sort of action.  Based on those actions, you can make a conclusion about whether or not your idea has wheels.  



Let’s test something weird…

Next, I want to show you a real life example of me finding something weird, testing it out, and analyzing its data.  What’s the product?  Well, I’ll let the picture do the talking… 


I settled on these super silly, out-there animal feet socks.  Kind of hilarious, but with the right audience, I think they could be a hit!  Let’s test it!

Within 10 to 20 minutes I had the product up on a website and was ready to run ads.  The next step was getting qualified people to my site.  To this I chose Google.  Google is great because usually when people type something into a search bar, they are looking to learn or buy something.  So, if somebody were to type in “animal feet socks”, they're probably looking for exactly what I’m going to sell them.  


After getting around 50 clicks to my website, I took a look at my keywords.  Considering I already had two sales, I’d say that my keywords were spot on.  At the end of the day, I spent around $97 in ads and made over $400 in revenue.  Not too bad.  

I want to share this experience with you because I often hear about people with great ideas that never take action.  Literally within an hour, you could have your product up and running.  Even if you think your idea is dumb (like animal feet socks), you never it’s potential unless you test it.  

Like I’ve mentioned in other lessons of this course, there are two ways to bring qualified people to your site: organically and through paid ads.  It doesn't matter which way you bring in the 100 people.  What does matter, however, is that they are legit and interested customers not random dudes who happen to be surfing the web.  

As you move into the next stages of specific side hustles and strategies, it’s important to keep the idea of proof of concept in the back of your mind.  After all, it doesn't matter if you have a bad idea.  Gary Dahl sold pet rocks and made millions.  

I hope you enjoyed today’s lesson.

As always, Peace and God bless.  

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