Day 30: How To Create Your First Facebook Ad 2021

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I can’t believe it's already day 30 of my Free 30 Day Course on how to make money online!  We’ve learned so much together and I have been truly inspired by the progress each and every one of you has made.  Lucky for you, it doesn't end here.  I will be posting on both my YouTube and blog every day for the rest of this year (and maybe even my life!).  As long as you stick with me, I will continue to be your teacher, mentor, and honestly transparent role model.  I can’t wait to share more with you. 

Now let’s get to the good stuff!


Running an ad online is often put on a pedestal.  It can be mentally challenging and scary when you are just starting out because running ads takes money!  It’s not free and that is often intimidating.  However, allow me to let you in on a little secret… you — yes, you — can run an ad. 

I sell courses online and offer 1-on-1 coaching through my website.  Time and time again, I see my students fall into the same habit that even I am guilty of.  We see a course online, buy it, learn a little bit, and never follow through.  Then, another course comes along.  We see it, are attracted to it, pay for it, and fail to put the knowledge we attained into play.  Meanwhile we are actually losing money from investing in course after course.  Don't get me wrong, learning is great, but not using what you learned… that's no bueno.   To put it bluntly, if you're spending more money on courses than you are on ads, you're doing it wrong!  You will learn way more than a course could ever teach you when you spend your own money on ads, trust me!  

Why Run Ads?

Unlike organic traffic, you have control over your ads.  You get to choose who your ad reaches, where your ad is featured, and how much you want to spend.  Organic reach takes time to accumulate and it may even take years for organic content to rank.  Algorithms and platforms change; organic views are never guaranteed.  But when you form a business relationship with a social media platform or search engine, the rules change.  Paying these platforms to push your content into the world gives you control of your traffic and allows you to scale your online business.  Ads are a must!

In this lesson I will teach you how to run an ad using Facebook. That being said, with this knowledge, you can run an ad on Instagram, Pinterest, Google, or any other platform that you wish!  

Setup with Facebook Pixel

To begin, you will need a Facebook account that you can set up your Pixel on.  You can do this by clicking here.  Once in your ads manager, you will be prompted to choose a campaign objective.  I always set my campaign up for conversions.  You should do the same.  Running for conversions will ensure that qualified make it to your site and hand over their email.  

Creating a New Campaign

Once you set your campaign objective, it's time to create a new campaign. 


Step 1: Name your campaign something that is easy to understand (ex: Affiliate Test Offers 1).


Step 2: Find the Campaign Budget Optimization Box by scrolling down.  Turn the toggle to the on position.  This will give Facebook the ability to change which audiences and ads your money is being spent on based on Facebook’s interpretation of what's working the best.  For example, if your first target audience is converting at a higher rate than your second or third, Facebook will dedicate more of your budget to running ads on the first audience.  Campaign Budget Optimization, or CBO, allows your money to be spent in the smartest way possible.  

You will also need to enter your daily budget.  Facebook will not spend more than this; if it reaches its limit before the day is over, your ad will simply stop running.  Anything from $10 to $100 a day is great.  Pick a number that works with your budget.  

Step 3: Choose a Conversion Event.  This is where you tell Facebook how you want them to target customers in order for them to convert.  This is really up to personal preference. 

Step 4: Set your schedule by scrolling even further.  You will be able to choose which day and time you would like to launch your ads.  

Step 5: Next up, you will determine your audience.  Be sure to choose an appropropriate location.  For example, if you only offer shipping within the US, only run your ad in the US.  Furthermore, choose the correct age group and gender that would most likely benefit from your offer.  This will help you out later when refining your audiences.  

Step 6: Now for the fun part — choosing people to target!  Take a moment and think about what your intended audience is into.  What do they like?  Under the Detailed Targeting section, there is a box to input certain audience interests.  Start by typing in one interest your target audience might have (ex. “beautiful skin” and “engaged shoppers”).  Don’t worry about narrowing down your audience too much.  Having a potential reach in the millions is okay!



Step 7: Under the Placements box, I always choose Manual.  My best performing ads are always run in feed as opposed to on stories.  In addition to this, I only run my ads on Facebook and Instagram.  In other words, uncheck the “Audience Network” and “Messenger” boxes.  I find that these two are often a waste of money to run ads on. 

Step 8: Lastly, name your ad set.  I recommend naming it something that has to do with your target audience’s interests that you selected.  

Creating Your Ad

The next step is to design your ad.  This is where you will add the visuals and text that will appear on your audience’s screens.  

For your headline, choose a brief yet catchy phrase that describes your offer and entices the viewer to read more.  

The primary text should be a more in depth description of what your offer is.  Aim for one to two sentences.

As for an image or creative, you really don't need anything too fancy!  Believe me when I say that a stock photo (or video) will work.  Facebook has a large library for you to use for free!  Simply select your image and you're good to go.  

Congratulations, you just made your first ad!  Your next step is to repeat steps 1 through 8 for as many audiences as you desire.  I usually stick with two different types of ads (meaning two different photos) and apply each of those to the various audiences I want to test.  After you name your ad, you can duplicate it by clicking the three dots that appear to the right of it.  This speeds up the process of creating your “B” ad.

For example, say I have the options of Ad A and Ad B for my content.  From here, I have the options of Audience 1, Audience 2, and Audience 3 for target audiences.  By pairing each ad with each audience, I will have six ads in total.  I’ve included a visual below… 

When creating two separate ads for the same offer, be sure to make them very different.  If you include a photo in one, try a video in the other.  Change up the colors scheme of the photos or the focus of the image.  This will help provide you with important data about what works best.  You never know until you try it all!  

As I said, Facebook will take these combinations and make the most out of your money.  The key to success is trying out lots of different offers, audiences, and ad types.  Now that you know how to create a Facebook ad, go try!  I can’t wait to see the campaigns you guys come up with.

I sincerely thank you for watching my Free 30 Day Course.  I hope you learned lots about how to build an online side hustle from the ground up.  If you enjoyed this series, let me know!  I put a lot of time into it and I want to make sure I’m making content that is both valuable and enjoyable for my audience.  

So, where do you go from here?  Well, first of all, make sure you have the free PDF worksheets and resources that come with this course!  You can find them linked below.  Next, you need to decide which side hustle and niche you want to pursue.  Again, the worksheets will help!  Feel free to reference back to previous videos as well.  Lastly, know that I will be here for you everyday!  I plan to continue delivering videos and lessons over making money online and in-depth tutorials to help you out along the way.  You can reach out anytime; I love reading your comments, answering your questions, and hearing about your success stories!

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Thanks again for your dedication.  Stick with it; your financially free life is in the near future.  

Peace and God bless.  

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