Day 24: Internet Millionaire Shares Paid Ads Strategy for Lead Generation

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Today, we are learning about a very intense concept — generating leads!  Buckle in for this last week of my 30 day make money online course; it’s about to get real.  I’m talking about running ads, building a website, using funnels, and scaling your business.  I hope you're up for the challenge!  

If you take a step back to the very first video, you should know that the key to success does not lie within how many followers you have or how much traffic you get.  Instead, success is all about generating leads.  If you want your online business to stay afloat for more than a few months, you need leads!  

What is a Lead?

A lead can be a phone number, email address, or any other piece of contact information.  Leads are different than followers because, unlike the latter, you actually own leads.  Even if you have a gazillion followers on Instagram or TikTok, you still don't own them — the social media platform does.  On the contrary, leads are yours to use, contact, and market to.  


Before we get into the bulk of the lesson, we need to talk about CPA, or cost per acquisition.  CPA represents the amount of money you have to spend to bring in a lead.  This is a very important number!  CPA is also commonly referred to as CPL (cost per lead).  A good CPA is generally under a dollar.  

The Philosophy

Many times when affiliate marketers run ads, they are looking to get the customer to click and buy directly from their post.  This may seem easier, but in reality, it costs a lot more and the conversion rates are much smaller.  

Before you begin running ads, you need to remember that the more you ask of a company (Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc.), the more you are going to end up paying.  For example, in the scenario above, because the affiliate marketer is optimizing for sales as opposed to leads or clicks, their ad platform is going to have to work even harder to find qualified viewers, therefore costing the marketer more money.  Think about it like asking somebody to marry you on the first date -- it’s impersonal and likely isn't going to work out.  

To drive a successful lead, ask yourself this fundamental question…

How can I create something of value that somebody will trade their email or contact information for?

Maybe it’s a free guide, a free offer, a free article, or a free discount.  The choice is really up to you.  

The Formula

After I’ve decided on my valuable offer, it’s time to test and run ads.  Here's the model I use: 

I start by choosing three different audiences that I think would enjoy my product.  Then I choose three different types of sellers within my niche.  This could be in magazines, big brand sellers, or just random companies.  All should be very different.  

Next, I come up with three different ads and run one of each within each segment.  This technically means I have nine ads, but really it's the same three.  That being said, between the three ads, there should once again be big differences.  You could switch it up between a video, a square image, a long copy, or a short and sweet post, for instance.  

This way, when you look at your data after a few days, you’ll have an idea of what audiences and ads are working, and which ones aren't.


CBO (Campaign Bid Optimization)

CBO is a feature of running ads with Facebook.  This is where you are giving Facebook options and tools, like audiences and ads, to tweak and play around with.  They will test different combinations of variables to see which ones run the best, all while staying under your daily budget.  I usually stick to 30 dollars a day. 


Case Study:  Fragrance Niche

In a previous campaign I ran, my offer was a free guide on which fragrance a person should use based on their horoscope.  My main goal was to gather leads and my budget.  As I said, was 30 dollars a day.  Here's how the numbers shook out after 7 days of running this campaign:

Amount Spent: $252.29

CPL: $0.37

Leads: 682

CPC: $0.13

My Audiences

I prefer my audiences to be between 1 and 5 million people.  For this campaign, I left my age range pretty broad and selected “women” as my targeted gender. 

Audience 1: Under the “Detailed Targeting” section, I listed four different fragrance company websites,, Perfume World,, and Sephora.  I then made sure that my audience must also match the horoscope interest.  

Audience 2: For this audience, I listed their interests as Allure and Cosmopolitan magazines, again with the additional filter of “Horoscope”.  

Audience 3: For my last audience, I set “Horoscope” as my main interest and used a bunch of specific fragrance brand sites like Ralph Lauren, YSL, Christian Dior, etc. as my filters.  

My Ads

Video:  The first ad was a short video made using Fiverr.  It was short and sweet and got the offer across.

Carousel:  This ad was a series of 4 photos that the viewer can swipe through on their feed.  The caption and story ended up being a bit longer than the video’s.  

Square Photo:  The last ad was a simple, static, square photo.  

In the end, the video ad ended up generating around 95% of the leads.  Because all of my ads were extremely different, I ended up with clear results that the video worked the best.  From here, I can try testing different video ads by changing the visual or copy.   Scaling is a process of learning, understanding, implementing, and checking.  

This is the exact tactic that I use on every single one of my campaigns.  It’s hard not to make money when you use an intelligent and data-driven strategy! 

We are nearing the end of my 30 day course and, as I mentioned, the videos coming up are going to get technical.  If you're someone who has never run an ad before, don't worry!  My nerdy teaching methods will make learning a piece of cake.  Now, all you have to do is try!

Thanks so much for reading.


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