Day 23: The BIGGEST Secret to Making Money Online 2021

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This one strategy turned my online 6 figure business into a 7 figure one!  Want to learn my secret?  Keep reading!  

For so many years, I thought I was at the top — and then this strategy came along.  When I first learned it, I thought ‘wow, I really don’t know as much about growing online as I thought I did!’.  It’s not that this strategy is necessarily hard or complicated; it is just one of those things that if you don't know, you don't know!  

The first person I ever met that made 7 figures per year was a dude named Ketsu.  He was a dancer like I was, and he had found his superpower of dropshipping.  Ketsu made a fortune!  Every time we hung out, his phone was always going ka-ching.  At this time, my dance business was only making about $5,000 a month.  Ketsu helped introduce me to the very select group of people around the world who have also discovered the money-making strategy he was using.  To this day, this strategy is the backbone of my business!  

Finding this strategy was like finding gold for me.  Once I implemented it, making money online all started to make sense.  So, without further ado, I present to you the Value Ladder.


The Value Ladder

You are more than just an influencer.  You are a brand!  This means you are either the face of your “company” or you are the one running the show behind the scenes.  Either way, if you want to monetize as an influencer, you need to be using a Value Ladder System.  Let's take a look… 

Step 1

The first step of the ladder is the fan level.  This is where the fan — someone who shows interest in the brand — takes the initial leap entry.  This could be in the form of an inexpensive purchase such as a t-shirt, necklace, tutorial, digital download, etc.  Unfortunately, this is usually where most companies and their marketing teams stop.  

When building your ladder, ask yourself “What’s the minimum entry point of value that I can offer someone that will hook them to my brand?”.  

This offer should be a low-ticket item.  You want to make it easy for the viewer, subscriber, follower who's already been consuming your content to take the first step towards being a customer. The level of trust skyrockets between simply watching versus taking out a wallet and making a purchase.  Remember you don't necessarily need to care about profit at this stage; instead, worry about the customer taking action.  

Step 2

As sexy and cool as it is to get tons of new followers, you are doing yourself a disservice by not continuing to offer higher ticket items to existing customers.  This is where step 2 comes in.  This step should offer a product that is valued at approximately 10 times that of the former.  If your first item was $1, the next should be $10.  This product should also relate to the first product.  Chances are that the customer now trusts your recommendation and will be much easier to sell to this time around than they were initially.   

Step 3

The next item that you offer should be 5 times the price of Step 2.  This product should be a bit more advanced or sophisticated than the last.  Lastly, it should stem from the items that you offered before it. 

Step 4

This next step is where things get more interesting.  You can now choose from 2 paths: Business to Consumer (B2C) or Business to Business (B2B).  Either way, your Step 4 offer should be 3 or 4 times the price of the former and should be intense.    

Business to Consumer: This model demonstrates a singular customer paying you money for an offer of value.  Think courses, 1 on 1 coaching, custom products, etc.  

Business to Business: This model demonstrates a brand paying you money to work for them or create a video for them.  Think brand deals, commercials, or unboxing videos.  

Step 5

The last step should be the highest in price.  I’m talking 3, 4, or 5 times the value of Step 4!  

There's a saying in business that states, “If you don’t offer it, no one will buy it!”.  Never be afraid to sell something at a high ticket price if you think the price reflects the value.  Like the quote says, it's guaranteed that you'll never sell if you don't offer.  Reference the chart below for offer ideas.  

With great power comes great responsibility.  Just because you have this secret, there's no guarantee that you're going to make seven figures instantly without putting in a little work.  Don't get caught up in the immediate gratification!  I promise that once you master this process, your side hustle dreams will begin to come true.  

This concept applies to literally every single style of business model.  That being said, your homework for today is to draw out your ladder!  Take whatever vision you have and put it in writing.  What kind of offers can you come up with?  How many points of value can you deliver to your customer?  

Finally, remember that your customers are the most valuable people in your life (besides your mom, dad, spouse, and children, of course).  If you nurture them and constantly deliver them value, they will have no problem with sticking around and buying from you over and over again.  

Thanks so much for reading.  What do you think of the value ladder system?  Comment below!


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