Day 22: How To Create a Website Sales Funnel and Scale to $100K

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Do you want to learn the secret strategy on how to make the most money from whatever you're selling?  Stay tuned. 

Today’s lesson is going to get a little technical but I want you to stick with me!  We are going to go over the concept of a funnel.  I can guarantee you that the funnel you are going to learn about today is even more delicious than the best funnel cake! 

What Is a Funnel?

All jokes aside, while the funnel may not be a new concept, it is an often misunderstood one.  A funnel is essentially a hyperfocused way to sell whatever you are selling.  Just like every online business needs a website, they also need a funnel.  Think of a website like a spider web; there are all sorts of different pages and paths a user might take.  You never know where they are going to click on a homepage.  A funnel is different in that it is a dedicated, controlled environment that only allows the user to follow one linear path.  A funnel should not be open to the public eye; only specialized traffic makes it to the funnel.  Again, no matter what you're currently selling, a funnel can sell it better.

Example Website:

Welcome to, my very first online business.  My website offered many different options as to where to go: dance tutorials, testimonials, side hustle classes, etc.  When somebody lands on my homepage, I have no clue where they came from or where they wish to go.  The information on each of my various pages was not catered to a customer; I was failing to customize the buyer’s experience.  

A website is a broad place where you cant speak to people on an individual level.  For this reason, the average website conversion rate is just 2%!  Luckily, funnels are here to save the day.  

Example Funnel: Robot Necklace


I talked through this funnel previously in my free plus shipping tutorial.   My robot necklace offer could have easily been listed on my website, but it wasn’t.  The difference between a home page and a funnel page is where the user can click.  On a home page, there is an overwhelming amount of options.  On a funnel page, there is just one button to click — yes.  

In my case, clicking “yes” meant “yes, send me my free robot necklace”.  I was completely in control of the environment.  I controlled the offer, the testimonials, and the sense of urgency.  If the product was for them, the viewer bought, and if not, they left my page; I made it very black and white. A funnel is all about delivering clear and concise information about your offer.  

Every great funnel collects leads.  Before customers can learn more about your offer, they should be prompted to enter their contact information.  

The next page in a funnel is called the checkout page.  This is where the customer enters the rest of their information so they can receive your offer.  Notice that there are still no options for navigation.  Once again, minimizing places to click ensures that the customer will follow through with the checkout process.  

After the customer has submitted their order, the next step in a funnel is to offer them an upsell.  An upsell page is where you advertise other products that the buyer might be interested in with the hopes of increasing their average order value.  My upsell for the robot necklace was a pair of LED sound-activated party glasses; my audience was mainly dancers so this made sense.  With one click the product would be added to the customer’s cart.  

The concept of a funnel is the secret sauce to internet success.  Don't get me wrong, you need a website.  That being said, you should always send traffic to a funnel because I guarantee you that a funnel will always convert at a higher rate.  

Depending on your side hustle journey, you may be at the point where you don't even have a website yet — that’s okay!  You should always be thinking about creating the most convertible offers and landing pages.  

Are you ready to take on the funnel?  Or are you still in the research phase and feeling out what direction you exactly want to pursue?  Vote below!


This has been an awesome journey so far and it’s not done yet!  Thanks for reading.


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