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In this post you're going to learn the original online side hustle that requires no tech and can make a lot of money.  I actually learned this side hustle from dad!  Back in the day, he was buying and flipping cars — now that's not what I'm going to teach you today but the concept is the same.  

The scale of flipping and selling items has grown massively with the use of the internet.  There is literally a niche for everything out there.  Maybe you have a good eye, are handy, or crafty.  With these skills and a little bit of support via the internet, you could build yourself a six figure flipping business!

To be fully transparent, I have not yet made that much from flipping items simply because I have yet to take this business model on full time.  That being said, I have dabbled in the concept of flipping for years. 

Here's how it works…

  1. Find a distressed or undervalued item
  2. Buy said item or pick it up for free
  3. Renovate the item so it is worth more
  4. Sell the item at a higher price for profit
  5. Celebrate because you just made money online!

Note that you don't need a website! You don't need to run ads!  Instead, all you need to do setup-wise is create a free account on Facebook Marketplace, EBay, Craigslist, etc.  This is one of the easiest side hustles out there that anyone and everyone can do!  

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The Skillset

So, you want to become a flipper on Ebay, Facebook Marketplace, etc.  What skills will you need?

1. Photography

No, you do not need to be a photographer, but you do need to have the basic knowledge of what looks good in a photo and what doesn't.  You have to care about what your photo looks like.


Along with showing that what you're selling is a good, quality product, you need to be able to write about why it's a good, quality product.  Copy is all about the details.  Having an in depth description will gain you a competitive edge with others selling similar items.  

3. Research

Its beneficial to have a general understanding of what's being sold in your niche, how much of a certain item is being sold, what is popular, and what your competitors are selling for.   


Finding a Product to Flip

Think of flipping like a giant online garage sale.  You want to hunt for products that you can either flip or market even better than its current seller.  It's not necessarily about finding a dingy rusted item and cleaning it up, painting it, and reselling it (even though you could do this too).  More often, you're going to want to search for items that are being sold really cheap and are, in your opinion, undervalued.

From here, you need to create good content and photos for the item you are trying to resell.  It sounds silly, but an item is more likely to sell if the photo of it is well lit and aesthetically pleasing.  

Lets pop over to FaceBook Marketplace and look at a real life example of product a listing… 


Real Example: Furniture

The first thing I noticed when typing “furniture” in the Marketplace search engine was how crappy the results were — I’m not talking about the actual products.  Instead, I mean that the photos and copy were absolute garbage! 

Tip: Many people on Marketplace are just trying to get rid of stuff because they are moving, renovating, cleaning, etc. so they will sell their stuff for free!  These are the best offers to jump on because they usually offer pretty sweet products at no cost to you.  All you need is a car to go pick it up.  

In the photo above, the desk itself actually looks really nice!  And, as a bonus, this item was free!  That being said, there is trash and clutter in the foreground and you can see right into the messy kitchen.  These are big turn offs to buyers.  You can also see that the description is only a couple of sentences with very bland details about the desk.  Buyers want to know about the product so be sure to tell them about it!

If you were to type the same word, “furniture” into Etsy, you'll find that the standard of quality is much higher.  The pictures usually look more professional and visually stimulating.  The product descriptions are much longer and include information about the materials, dimensions, uses, care instructions, etc.  

What if I don't have any money to spend?

If you don't have $100 to invest in products, try to sell things around your home that you no longer use or wish to have around.  Look around your room and go through your closets!  What's been sitting around for years that you've never even opened?  Start with that stuff.  It's going to feel liberating and you're going to build some nice cash which you can use to scale.  

Some of the other side hustles I talk about offer a passive side.  This one does not — at least not  in the beginning.  Flipping is the epitome of the side hustle.  You're going to have to be in the dirt, creating and selling by yourself.  I assure you that once you figure it out, it will get more automated. But for now, it's going to take some determination and effort.  

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Is flipping the side hustle for you?  Let me know! 

Peace and God bless. 

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