DAY 1: Make Money Online in 2021

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Welcome to my FREE 30 Day Make Money Online Challenge!  In the next 30 days you will go from zero to hero in making money online.

This course is meant to change someone who has never made a dollar online into someone who has all the knowledge they need to turn a side hustle into a full time income.  It will take a lot of hard work to build up but this course is meant to give you each and every strategy that you need to do so.  Hopefully one day your side hustle will blossom into a million dollar empire that allows you to travel the world and make money while you sleep. 

Until then, these next 30 days are going to be intense.  I want you to commit right now to spending at least 30 minutes a day to watch each video’s lesson and applying what you learned.  

I’m going to teach you about both the fast and easy ways I’ve made money online and the long term plays.  We’re going to get technical, but don't worry; I will walk you through step by step when creating things like a website or your first ever ad.  

If you've ever done a Google search for “how to make money online”, you've most likely come across some pretty scary and questionable tactics.  That’s why I’m only going to teach you legit side hustles that I’ve personally done and can vouch for.  

One of the most common questions I get from beginners is where do I start?  What do I do?  What should I learn first?  In this post we’ll go over the fundamental concept of making money online that will hopefully point you in the right direction.  


The Fundamental Concept

There's lots of different ways to make money online but if you want to take this from a side hustle to a main hustle, there’s two things you need to begin thinking about today.  First, you will need to pick a niche: a direction, something you're interested in, or a passion you have.  Second, you're going to have to build a website.  

I know, I know — building a website can seem extremely daunting if you've never done it before.  Don’t be scared.  Like I said, we will walk through everything step by step.  


Picking A Niche

My first side hustle was something I love to do — teach people how to dance — but I had no clue how to run the business side of it.  And if I had to start back from scratch, I’d probably pick the same niche.  This is because, as you’ll learn in this course, creating your own content is both free to do and allows you to monetize by selling products of your own and of others.  

As you do research on your niche, I implore you to not go too specific. That being said, there is no such thing as a “bad niche”.  Look around the room you're sitting in.  I’m sure there’s some sort of decor, light fixture, electronic, etc.  All of these are niches!  Every category has the opportunity to make money.  


The Value Proposition


Once you find a niche, the next step is to deliver value to the customer.  What kinds of products can solve people’s problems?  How can you connect them to that product?  You’ll find that it is much more rewarding to make money knowing that you've made someone's life better due to the value you delivered.  


Contact Lists

Before you begin to research products, we need to go over one more thing — contact lists.  These are the gold to your online business!  A contact list is essentially a list of people who trade you their email in return for a free guide, product, tutorial, etc. from you.   Your contact list is crucial to future sales and success.   


Choosing A Platform

What’s the best platform to begin building your audience on?  We have YouTube, TikTok, Facebook.  Is it Instagram?  Twitter?  Snapchat? Which one is the best?

Well, none of them.  Let me tell you why.  

See, the real deal with being an influencer that’s intelligent, which you are, is diversifying yourself across multiple platforms.  Each one has its own audience along with its own pros and cons.  I might give a lot of my attention to YouTube and not a lot to Instagram but for you it might be completely different.

The whole point of being an influencer is to grab attention.  You don't want to get stuck on just one platform and have that be your base.  You want attention from everybody, right?  

You may or may not be familiar with the app Vine.  It was (notice how I didn't say is) very similar to TikTok regarding the form of content and how quickly it rose.  People blew up on Vine like crazy!  But here’s the catch — Vine went away, as in, the platform completely disappeared.  Yikes!  How crappy would it be if you spent all your energy building an audience on one singular platform and one day it was all gone?  

Not only do you want to be everywhere, you want to have your own brand that is completely separate from any platform you're on, A.K.A. your own website.  A like on Instagram or Facebook, a subscriber on YouTube, or a follower on Twitter mean nothing to you because guess who owns them — the platform.  Not you!  Getting your organic content to feature without paying is near impossible!  But having your own website that can collect emails you can claim as your own?  Now we’re talking. 

So, to recap:  each and every one of the platforms you're on should include a link to your website.  Your number one priority and goal is to get users to your website in hopes of collecting their email and phone number.  Emails and phone numbers will stand the test of time where social media platforms can go away and shift overnight.  


Opt In Offer

You're probably thinking, OK Adrian, but how is collecting an email going to make me money?  It all starts with the opt in offer.  An opt in is how you turn a subscriber or follower into a sale.  To obtain their email, you first need to offer them something of value (and that’s free) that will drive them to your website.  I've included some ideas below: 

  • PDF Guide
  • Top Tips for _____
  • Exclusive Content
  • Free Video
  • Mini Series

By offering these “freebies” you will create a massive list of people who believe in what you put out.  This way, when you want to sell or promote a product, all you have to do is send it in an email to your pre-organized audience that trusts what you have to say.  Money will come rolling in.  


Homework:  Think about the niche that you want to pursue.  After that, begin drafting a website explaining who you are.  Lastly, think of some awesome opt in offers!   

Don't worry about the logistics now, we will cover all of that later on!  For now, I need you to commit.  I need you to commit to watching every video.  I need you to commit to making a remarkable side hustle and life for yourself.  

Peace and God Bless. 


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Hi, I finished day one.where do I find day 2? I’m committed to finishing the 30 day challenge! I just need to find it lol


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I will do it

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Hi Adrain,
I have emailed twice however I haven’t heard anything back regarding the 30-day challenge. I am extremely interested and have watched up to day 6!

Please get back to me with the rest as I’m really wanting to change my life.

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I am committed help me please on how to build my website and my future..really exited and looking forward to this 30 day challenge😊

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