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 Have you ever wanted to create a million-dollar online e-commerce company but your not sure where to start or how to source products?  In this post, I’ll teach you the step-by-step process of how to get your hands on virtually any product you can imagine using Alibaba.  On top of that, I’ll share with you the product that made me over $10,000 and the entire story of how I did it.  

It is important to note the time that we are in today.  It is a pivotal time for people and business.  Covid has changed everything.  More and more people are selling online and for many, online is the main way they shop.  While physical store sales plummeted throughout the pandemic, online shops saw record numbers!  I included had an astonishing seven-figure recond number year in 2020.  While I hope and pray that the world will return to normal, one thing that will stay forever changed is online shopping.  It’s now, it’s here, and it’s the future.  

If you've never heard of, sit back and enjoy the show!  Alibaba is the largest e-commerce source in the world with literally millions of manufacturers and products.  Want to sell clothing?  Alibaba has it.  Fitness items?  Alibaba has them!  Beauty?  Done!  Travel?  Done!  You can seriously source anything.  


My Winning Story

Every great campaign starts with research.  For this particular campaign, I typed in the word “pickleball” to the Alibaba search bar.  I love the game pickleball so I thought pickleball paddles would be the perfect thing for me to sell!  If you've never heard of the game, here’s a GIF of me and some friends playing a round… 

I learned that pickleball paddles are selling for up to $80 or $90 per paddle!  I came to the idea that if I could make a beginner-friendly paddle that is of great quality, I could make a nice profit!  Here’s what my paddle ended up looking like… 

After creating the design, I worked with a manufacturer that I found just by going through the different listings and interviewing them.  Then, I started a simple communication chain to get to know the brand.  In fact, Alibaba has its own internal messaging system that makes it super easy to chat directly with manufacturers!  

I ended up ordering two different styles of paddles.  Each unit cost was $16.95.  I bought 300 paddles so my grand total was $5,085 with shipping included.  I ended up selling each unit for around $60, but with deals and discounts, I think the average order value was closer to $52.  So since my gross income was $15,600 and my expenses were $5,085, that leaves $10,515 in profits!  

I ran this campaign organically so my cost in ads was $0.  


Finding a Product

If you're struggling to find a product to sell, look no further than the Alibaba homepage.  They have a trend hunter that incorporates algorithms and data to show you what is selling the quickest at any given time.  That’s right, Alibaba will give you data-driven ideas that you can capitalize on!



Choosing a Manufacturer 

Some may think I just got lucky but I don't believe that is the case.  Alibaba has thousands of great manufacturers.  There are a few things I always check before settling on a source…

  1. Stars.  How many stars is the manufacturer rated?  How many reviews have been left?  This will give you a general understanding of what others think of the brand’s products. 
  2. Written Reviews.  What are people saying about specific products?  Do they include things they like (i.e. quality, shipping time, price).  What do reviewers dislike about the manufacturer?  Knowing these things will give you a more in-depth look at products.
  3. Years of Operation.  How long has the seller been around?  Are they experienced?  I always value longevity. 
  4. Product Images.  Are the images of quality? Do they look real and not photoshopped?  Are there videos?  Take note of these factors.  Later on, you will need to use them on your website or in your ads so be sure they are nice!  

The manufacturer that I got my pickleball paddles from actually sent me a prototype before I submitted my giant batch so I could test the product.  I highly recommend asking your manufacturer to do this for you too.  Send them a message along the lines of… 

Hi there!  I’m in the princess of doing research on creating a new website where I can sell these.  I’m interested in purchasing just one unit or getting a prototype.  Do you offer customization and branding? 

After sending a message, it’s a game of negotiation and establishing rapport.  Feel free to ask to hop on a call or video chat with the manufacturer.  I do this all the time and it works great.  


Getting Started

If you have never used Alibaba before, you have some homework to do!  Start by going to and create an account.   Next, check out the trend hunter to get an idea of which products are hot.  If you need more inspiration, Alibaba has a great YouTube channel!  They have videos on how to get started and how to participate in e-commerce.

I hope, at a minimum, you are now introduced to this new type of relationship and business.  E-commerce is becoming more and more popular and it’s not going away anytime soon.    

Have you ever used Alibaba?  Let me know by dropping a comment below.  

Thanks for reading.

Peace and God bless. 

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