Adrian Brambila

Monthly Group Coaching

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This offer is in place for people who are looking to work with me in a community setting with about 20 other people who are positively pursuing a side hustle.

Every week we will meet to answer any questions via face to face Zoom meeting and everyone will get an opportunity to get a 'hot seat' where I'll kindly :) check in on what you are working on, find your 'domino' to knock down and be your accountability partner.

It's a chance to collaborate with other like minded individuals in a private setting. 

There is also a dedicated Facebook group!

All meetings are recorded for your future use. 

Here is how I calculated the pricing for this... If you cancelled all your subscriptions like:

Disney Plus - $6.99
Netflix - $13.99
Hulu - $39.99
YouTube TV - $40
Cable - $60
Sling TV - $20
HBO Now - $14.99
Amazon Prime Video - $8.99

Total: $205 Per Month

This comes out to roughly $50 a session every week. 

This is a month to month subscription you can cancel anytime!
Check out this awesome testimonial from our group coaching makes me smile every time :)