How Much Do I Make From Crypto?

What’s In My Wallet?



In this post, I reveal my entire crypto portfolio… all $41,443.90 of it! 

To begin, let’s talk about portfolios. My crypto portfolio is less than 1% of my entire net worth. I consider buying into crypto as speculative investing, meaning it is high risk. When I put money into these portfolios, I get into the mindset that I may never ever get my money back — not even the principal amount that I put in. This is the mindset I have adopted and one you should too. 

Crypto is speculative because it can switch from crazy high to crazy low overnight. If we would have all bought Bitcoin in 2009, we would be millionaires! But if you bought Doge at the top thinking it would take off, you probably lost all your money. Crypto is volatile by nature.

Since the inception of Bitcoin, cryptos have been doing pretty well. As they become more mainstream some will grow, some will crash, and most will probably disappear.  The trick is figuring out which to invest in.

Bottom line, do I think you should invest in cryptocurrency? If you have the funds, are not in debt, and only invest the same amount you can afford to lose, then yes! Give it a shot. Make sure it does not exceed 10% of your net worth.

Portfolio Breakdown

Out of my $41,443.90, how much is my principal, and how much is my gain? Looking at the history of my Coinbase account, the platform where I invest in crypto, my first ever purchase was on December 7th for $500 in Bitcoin. Then, it surged and I sold it all. 

Since crypto is so speculative, I see it as gambling. I know some of you are cashing out your 401ks and going all-in with Ethereum and I think that’s crazy risky! It may pay off; you risk big you earn big, as the saying goes. You could also lose everything! Don't do that! 



This is my account over the past month. It was at $35k 30 days ago and is now at $41k. The fluctuations are crazy! This is exactly why I keep crypto at 1% or less of my net worth. 

Since starting my investment journey, I have invested $20,000 in crypto.

Roughly $17,000 is in Bitcoin. I was a little late to the game and started investing when one Bitcoin was valued at around 20k. I now own 0.27 BTC. 

Ethereum comes in second place with me owning 2.2 coins. it is currently valued at $10,422. 

Next up, I own $715 in Tazos.

I have $2,628 in Algortihm.

And lastly, I have $1,700 in Cosmos.

I like these cryptos because they offer interest. As soon as crypto started offering interest, I began to pay close attention. I am an “old school” investor meaning I invest into real estate, assets, index funds, the stock market, etc. That being said, Coinbase allows me to buy coins and make an income off of them. The principal is still being risked but at minimum, I will gain interest.

With coins like Ethereum 2, I make 4.5 APR. This means that in a year's time, I will make 4.5% of whatever the value is of the coins that I hold. To date, I have made $333 in interest alone. I can see my money making money!

Meme Coins

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past 12 months, you’ve probably heard of Dogecoin. It was a coin based on a meme that took the crypto world by storm and quickly fell. Since then, a new coin, Shiba, has entered the space. All Shiba is is a fake currency hoping to feed off of Dogecoin’s wave. Even crazier yet, this fake currency has a market cap of 37.9 billion dollars!

Do I think Shiba or Dogecoin will ever be mainstream currency and replace the dollar? Absolutely not! No way! I just do not see it. But, yet again, crypto is like a casino to me. You never know what will happen

Crypto ETFs

At the time of this post, a new ETF that is tied to crypto was just launched. It is called BITO and I invested $5,000 into it. ETFs are more my speed because they are diversified and I have experience with them in the past. I also recently invested $9,104.20 into the Amplify Blockchain Leaders ETF for 204 shares. So far, it is up 3k!

My Philosophy

As far as cryptocurrencies that are here to stay, I believe you should invest in Bitcoin and Ethereum. When new coins pop up, maybe throw a couple hundred dollars in there and see what happens. This is your play money, you can’t expect to get it back.

So, do you think I’m an idiot? Should I go all-in on crypto? I’m curious to hear your thoughts. 

For now, peace and God bless. 

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